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NORD-SERVICE employees took part in Donor Day

Today, April 20, is National Donor Day in Russia. For our colleagues, this was the reason to visit the Nizhnevartovsk Blood Service and contribute to saving the patients of Ugra.⠀

Both newcomers and experienced donors took part in the donor campaign. For example, for Tatyana Kambulatova this was already the 18th blood donation:

-I donated blood for the first time in 2016. I just wanted to help someone. Now participation in blood donations has become familiar and regular. The desire to benefit society motivates me to take these actions.

And although donation is called a “quiet feat,” we are pleased that the contribution of our colleagues did not go unnoticed. Indeed, thanks to them, the reserves of the District Blood Transfusion Station were replenished by 3 liters of whole blood, which means that our donors managed to support or save several human lives.

Colleagues, we are proud of each of you!

Thank you for your big heart!