Complex chemicalization of technological processes


Gafuryanov Almir Rimovich

Workshop manager


The leading areas of work in the field of chemicalisation of oil production processes are maintenance of dosing devices, as well as removal of asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits from tubing and bottom-hole formation zone.

Qualified specialists



Specialized machinery



Units are served



Chemical dosing units service

  • Hydrotest prior to operation;
  • Current control and observance of the set operating mode of dosing pumps;
  • Pumps revision; Inhibitor delivery and fuelling;
  • Repair of dosing units, pumps, tanks;
  • Installation and dismantling;
  • Disposal of inhibitor residues;
  • Inhibitor injection into the formation;
  • Periodic dosing of the inhibitor into the borehole;
  • Scale remove form downhole equipment.

Asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits removal

Asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits become the main reason which cause decrease in filtration characteristics of the bottom-hole zone of producing wells and cause failure of the oil-field equipment and reduce the efficiency of pipeline transportation. NORD-SERVICE uses modern inhibitors and solvents to remove ARPD and hydrate formations from oil production well equipment, surface communications, field equipment, pipelines.